Monday, November 10, 2014

Greetings from the Jungle

Hola everyone!

How is everyone doing?!?!  Things have started to improve here in Lago Agrio.  I have started to slowly get over my cold and cough that I have had all week.  Made it a little harder in our lessons and meetings, but Im getting better.

We have four investigators with baptismal dates in these coming weeks.  Elgar and Luz Ceballos, Diana Castillo, and Jani Begai.  The lesson with Jani was the best one we have had yet as a companionship.  We met here while we were walking to another appointment one night.  Elder Gonzalez told me to practice my Spanish and talk to her.  We chatted, explained who we were and what it was that we did.  A few days later, we taught her and her grandpa the Restoration lesson.  It was very apparent that she had been prepared by the Lord.  The Spirit was so strong, and she accepted all of our invitations, including a baptismal date on December 6th! (Happy Birthday Ty).

I thought Id like to share a typical day that we have here in Lago.  We wake up at 6:30 like usual, do some exercises and shower and get ready for the day.  At 8:00 we have our first companionship study. 9:00 is our personal study. 10:00 is our second comp study.  We have two comp studies because I am still in my training and need more practices and stuff.  Its good though, I learn a lot. At 11:00 we have our language study.  Half and hour for me to study Spanish, and the other half for me to help Elder Gonzalez with English.  He is required to speak English before he leaves the mission.

At 12:00 we hit the pavement.  We contact for a bit, or go do some kind of cleaning of the chapel.  At 1:00 all six elders in my district got to a members house or a "mamita" for lunch.  Which consists of some kind of soup, then a course of meat, rice, lentiles, salad, fried banana or yucca, and Coke or juice.  Pretty delicious most of the time.

The rest of the day consists of meeting with members, contacting, or teaching lessons to investigators.  We keep really busy most of the day.  The streets here are dirt and rock, and there are little tiendas or stores where we can buy water at any time of the day.  And believe me, WE NEED the water haha.  There is a mamita that we have that has two pet turtles that walk around the yard all the time.  They are pretty cool.

I did something totally disgusting this week too.  I ate MAYONES, or worms.  They are the size of an almond joy.  They swim around in water, then skewer them and grill them.  When they are done being grilled, you eat them.  They taste like a mix of maynaise and butter, with a hit of peanut.  They dont taste bad, just the thought of eating a jungle worm grossed me out.  I got it down without bringing it back up too!

So overall, it was a good week.  The book is blue, the church is true.  My testimony is growing everyday, and I am learning to love the people.  Thank you all for your prayers.
Love every single one of you!

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