Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 2 in Lago

¿Cómo les va?

What is up everyone!  Things are going alright down here in Ecuador.  It is really hot and humid still, so thats a plus.  But slowly and surely the work of the Lord is progressing here in Lago.  We dont really have any investigators right now, so we are doing a lot of contacting and working with members.  We did however, have an potential investigator and a less active sister show up to church  on Sunday! It was so great.  The investigator, OMarya, has a lot of questions and doubts, but she wants to learn.  She is an Adventist.  I have no idea what religion that is, but I think its Christian.

Also on Sunday, I had the opportunity to assist in conferring the Aaronic Priesthood to a new convert.  His name is Camilo Ceballos.  His uncle, Edgar Ceballos, was also advanced to the office of Priest.  They live about a 4 mile walk from our casa, but my comp and I consider their home, our home away from home.

We also have a family that could be investigators. Raul and Lisbeth.  I dont know their last name, but they seemed interested and agreed to have us visit again.  The people here are willing to listen to the message we have to share, but they usually struggle to complete their commitments.  Makes things hard.  Pray for Raul and Lisbeth.  I can see them in my mind dressed in white getting baptized and later going to the temple.  I hope they can accept the gospel into their lives.

This week I ate something I will never eat again.  But I WILL make my new comps eat.  It is called Sábila.  It is this gooey slimy stuff that they scrape off the sábila plant.  Then they mix it with panela and some other substance and drink it.  Tasted like drinking a loogy...YUCK.

Towards the end of this week, my comp and I have been a little sick.  There isnt a whole lot we can do as far as buying medicine goes.  We are told not to buy medicine without calling the nurse first and making sure she is ok with it.  She is also a full time missionary like us, so it can be hard to get a hold of her.  We are getting a little better though.  My comp has it worse than me.  First time he has been sick on his whole mission! 

The thing I am most grateful for this week is a washer and a dryer.  Here in Lago, our mamitas dont have the stuff to wash all of our clothes for us, so we need to take our regular clothes to a laundromat, and wash our garments ourselves.  I spent an hour last night washing my garments by hand, and I mean just my hands, in the shower.  I had a little detergent, but I had to use a lot of elbow grease.  Then we hang them up to dry! Haha I feel like a pioneer.

Though this week has been a little rough, I know that God lives and loves us.  He answers our prayers.  I had a few answered this week myselft, and He will answer all of yours too.  The Book of Mormon is true.  I love you all and thank for the love and prayers you send my way.

Till next week,

Elder Lomeli

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