Monday, January 26, 2015

Its Gotta Happen at Least Once

Hello Friends and Family!

Well, this week has been a rougher one than Ive had in the past.  The people here are not as willing to hear the gospel message as others.  We try knocking doors, and they say that they are already "good" with God and that they dont want to listen.  But Elder Zambrano and I are determined to find those souls that are prepared to hear the Gospel message here in Iluman.  Just got to keep working and excercising faith.  

We had a few meetings with President Richardson this week as well.  We learned a lot about knowing which side we play for, The Lord, the U of U. hahahaha! I had to put that.  No it was good to have a refresher to know that no matter what the Lord is always with us and that we need to always put our faith in him that all will work out ok.  The scirpture that always runs through my head during the day is Joshua 1:9.  Love love love that scripture.

Well, this is a short one becuase I was a little crunched for time today and we have a FHE with a family 20 minutes away walking.  The best way to serve the Lord, is to serve the person right next to you.  NEVER FORGET IT!  

Hasta ver la proxima semana!

Elder Lomeli

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