Monday, February 2, 2015

Lets Get Down to the Nitty Gritty

Buenas tardes a todos!

Wow this week FLEW!  Time flies when you are on the Lords Errand.  My companion especially thinks so since he has 3 weeks left in the mission.  Kinda scary.  I can already say now that I WILL cry when I have to leave, so I just gotta make sure that they are happy tears right?

As far as missionary work goes, it was about the same as last week.  People not home, or just flat out dont want to listen to us.  We even knocked a door three  time with no answer.  We went around the corner for a minute, came back, and they were looking around to make sure that we had left!  We caught them and they said that they were busy, but they were SO embarrassed that we caught them!  It was funny.  Never mess with the missionaries.  WE WILL CATCH YOU.  Just call us the new ghostbusters for non members of the church.

Elder Zambrano was also sick this week.  He had stomach pain, sore throat, and the chills pretty bad.  We called the mission nures and she had us treat him as if he had diarrhea.  She told him to drink water, take ibuprofen, and pray......What a nurse.  Our Zone Leaders live in the house of a member who is a doctor, so we took him to see the doctor.  He took one look at the throat and diagnosed him with strep-throat.  Then the doctor gave him a penicillin shot and some other shot right in the butt.  It was kinda funny.  We then crashed for the night at the ZL´s house and Elder Zambrano felt great in the morning, just a little goose egg in the hiney.

Another highlight of the week! We had Stake Conference this week, and Elder Craig C. Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy presided.  There were a ton of people there to see him.  That man is BIG, and I mean BIG.  Half the congregation came up to his belly button!  He gave really good talks, but what I like the most is something he said Sunday morning:

2 Things to do to be saved (yes there are more)
1. Accept Christ as the Savior and Redeemer
2. Believe that the Gospel was restored though Joseph Smith (2 Nephi 3)

Those are two things that we preach as missionaries, and things that all should do to recieve the greatest gift we can ever recieve.(ETERNAL LIFE).  Really felt the Spirit when that man talked.  And since we are in an area where the Sunday dress is different, we were able to dress as the natives for the Conference!  Oh gosh it was awesome!

Lots of you ask me how I do with the language here.  The spanish is almost second nature now.  My companions have told me that I sleep talk in spanish, so that must mean its in my brain pretty good.  Quichua on the other hand, I just have a couple words and greetings and thats it.  In fact, this week, I was asked to give a prayer in english TWICE!  I can honestly say that speaking in english is harder than spanish.  I messed up so many times in the prayer, but it doesnt matter to the Lord.  He hears all prayers equally.

Wow I wrote a little more this week.  We dont have any progressing investigators YET, but Ill keep you posted.  The Church is true.  Learn it, Live it, Love it.  Have a great week!

P.S.  I wanted the Seahawks

Me and Elder Zambrano

Dressed as a native

I guess chickens now live in trees....Only in Ecuador

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