Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Faith in February brings Miracles in March

Queridos amigos y familiares,

This week has been typical....FAST.  I am starting to wonder when I will wake up and realize that I am about to come home.  Elder Zambrano leaves here in two weeks and he seems excited to go.  He has a syndrome called TRUNKY, whick means that he thinks about home a lot and just wants to go home.  Nevertheless, he gets up everyday and gets to work with me.  Being a missionary is great!

So, to explain the title.  In February, the entire mission has to give up a significant personal item to sacrifice for the next two months.  The idea is that if we excercise faith, we will see miracles. I decided to give up music as a whole.  Music takes away from my attention at times, and makes it harder to focus.  So I hope and pray that this will bring my companionship miracles!  President realated the idea to the miracles that Christ performed during His mortal ministry.  All the people had to do was have faith, and they could be completely healed.  We have a mission wide goal to reach 200 baptisms and 200 rescued members in the month of March.

So we had a little more success this week.  Tupak, the kid that needs permission from his dad to be baptized, has been our focus this week.  We passed by his house the other day to teach him a lesson and talk with his dad again.  HIS DAD GAVE HIM PERMISSION!  Theres a catch though....Tupak needs to be baptized in the Catholic church first.  Then he said that he will support Tupak in whatever he wants to do with our church. Tupak knows that his baptism as a Catholic isnt valid, and wants nothing to do with the Catholic religion.  He´ll do it as long as he can be baptized in the TURE church of God. Was kind of a weird answer to our prayers, but we felt that God had a plan for Tupak to be baptized in this way.  Our miracle for March!

This has been a little cold and rainy, so that makes it harder to contact and do lots of other things here in Iluman.  To make things worse, we were walking and we passed by a house with a HUGE black dog.  The dog seemed all quiet and peaceful.  Then about 20 feet passed the house, I hear barking at my heels! The dog almost bit me!  I screamed like a little girl (or as close as I can get), but I had the right to.  Elder Zambrano laughed for 15 minutes after that, so we had a good laugh.

On Sunday we had ward conference.  The four of us missionaries in the ward got to participate in the choir and dress like natives again! So cool.  The meeting was in Quichua, but we felt the Spirit anyway.  Then after, I was able to give two blessings in SPANISH. Was my first time in another language.  I thought it was hard at first, but as I listened to the Spirit I was able to give the blessing.  

To end, I would like to share two quotes that have been on my mind this week:

"The Lord doesnt call the qualified, He qualifies the called."
"Pray as if its all up to God, and Work as if its all up to YOU."

Being a missionary is great! Full of new experiences, both temporal and spiritual.  These quotes I hope help anyone that is debating to serve a mission or not.  ITS WORTH IT.  Dont deny yourselft of the blessings that the mission can bring.  The Lord will be on our right hand and on our left, all we have to do is listen to Him.

Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

***Sorry no photos this time, there is no slot to upload them. Next week though!

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