Monday, June 22, 2015

19 and In Ecuador

Hey everyone hows it going!  I would like to start this letter with an amazing discovery we found this week.  Everyone says that in Ecuador, there isnt much money and things like that. Some would even say that Agato, which is in the backwood mountains, has even less.  But, we found that these people are really fortunate.  Each one has a BACON MACHINE in the yard, and some even have two or three!  We are going to come back here and revolutionize this place with bacon!  Just put whatever in, and bacon comes out! PIGS are great :)

This week we were able to have some great initial success with a few people.  First with Luz Maria.  She is the cousin of a member that has diabetes and is almost blind.  She lives close to a Pentecostal church and they have been kind of obligating her to go to church there.  She said that as soon as we walked in her home, she felt something different, but good.  We were able to share the Restoration, invite her to church, and invite her to baptism.  She accepted all of them!  But she wasnt able to come to church becuase her husband came home druck and couldnt walk her to the chapel.  She is way prepared though and will progress nicely!

Second was with Luis.  He is the son of an old investigator who claims he is a straight up catholic and will never change.  We said that we would come over and read the Bible with him and he accepted.  We read Ephesians 4 which explains the foundation of the church that Christ established.  He accepted another visit, but we asked him if he would be interested in reading another book like the Bible but written here in the Americas.  He responded that he would and we will bring him the Book of Mormon and help him move along that way.  He wont come to church yet, but we are sure that he will feel the power of the Book of Mormon and will want to change.

My birthday was definitely one to remember!  We had our zone meeting with President Richardson and they all sang to me and gave me a cake.  We then went to Wauki Amaguaña´s house and we had a chicken dinner and cake.  We used the party hats and blowey things as well (thanks Oma :))  Now I feel old but thats ok.  Elder Barnes said he would get me a walker when we get home.  We have been eating birthday cake for breakfast everyday since....oops :)

This week I was reminded that it is not the numerical value of the work that we do in our lives that matter.  The meeting with President and a division with the ZL´s this week made me realize that if I give it my all, the Lord is please.  It reminded me of President Uchtdorf´s talk a conference or two ago.  If we feel pleased, the Lord is pleased.  If we find little acts to do everyday, we will feel the love of the Savior and have a feeling of what he would do for that same person.  Dont be afraid, just do it and dont regret it.  Just remeber D&c 6:36.

So this week will be the party for San Juan!  We will be eating lots of cui (guinea pig) and other exotic native foods.  The people here celebrate this holiday to end the harvest.  They say there are lots of drunks, dancing, and fights!  Cant wait!

I hope all fathers had a great fathers day!  I know that without my dad, I would not be where I am.  I know that.  Thank you for all you have done for me and will continue to do for me throughout my life.  I love you!

Hope you have a great week....cuz we´re all dudes.

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