Tuesday, June 30, 2015

True Joy

Ñuca amigocuna!  Alli guta ringuichi?  Ñuca Alli pachaka :)

I hope all had a great week!  Well, its obvious that I made it through the crazy week last week.  We had a few drunks interrupt a lesson or two we played dodge the drunks walking home each night!  We made it out alive though.  The drunks out here are just hilarious.  One guy threw rocks at a bird, hit it, then came up to show us that he caught the bird.  He was really amused and then threw it at the ground, but, the bird flew away before it hit the ground.

So this week, we have a person that is progressing!  Her name is Luz Maria and she finally came to church!  She is partially blind and needed someone to take her to church but she loved it all!  It was kinda funny because when we were taking the sacrament, she put 25 cents on the sacrament tray to tip the deacon :)  We will work out the kicks with her, but she wants to keep coming back!

And something amazing happened with the member that fell into his alcoholic habit a few weeks ago.  He felt really bad for falling, but he determined to get back up and fix the problem.  We went with him to have an interview with the bishop, and the bishop gave him the OK to put the garment back on and partake of the sacrament!  It has been months since he was able to do the two of those things.  It was right then and there that I felt the most joy than I have ever felt.  I got a sense of what our Father in Heaven feels when we do the right things.  I considered it "true" joy.  I hope to be able to fell that more often throughout the rest of my mission.

We had changes today was well.  Elder Barnes left to go to Quito and I am staying in Agato.  I will be receiving Elder Kimball.  He is coming from the orient, the same city where I started so he will be here later.  I will tell you all more about him next week!

I know that this church is true and I am super glad to be a part of it! And even better to be able to share it!  Keep reading the scriptures and it will bless your lives!

P.S. When we were walking home  a few nights ago, we were ready for anything to happen.  We quoted Inspired Guns and said that we would punch people in the inner thigh.  Please Elder, your from Cedar Hills......South Central East Side!!! :)

First time eating  cui!!!

Reaching the top of our sector

Companionship study + sugar= Mustaches :)

Opening the BDAY present :)

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