Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Agato Approach

Alli shamushka kapaichi waukigocuna y panigocuna!  Ñuca charini compañeroka chinogo y charin ishcay sequecuna.  Gushtanchi la obra misional.

Hey everybody, I just thought Id give ya a tast of quichua.  It says "welcome brothers and sisters, I have a companion that looks chinese and he has two eyes.  We love missionary work."

This week was a lot better than the last becuase we actually got to work in our sector and not be confined to the house!  We were able to find a few investigators this week, but in the next few there are going to be lots of parties and holidays in the Otavalo area.  It will be kinda hard to be able to find people, or sober people for that matter.  So that is where we will make our Agato Approach to try to make it through this next week haha. Dont worry, we wont be kidnapped....they are all half our size.

We were able to find a new family to teach this week!  We were walking to an appointment and it fell through and we noticed another family cleaning up their yard. We immediately helped them out.  We found our the the dad is a less active and the wife isnt a member. They are the Maldonado Guaman family and they love coming to church and love to listen to the missionaries.  The wife has lots of questions and doubts, but is willing to listen if that means she can be with her family eternally.  We hope to see the hand of the Lord work with them to help them progress!

This sector is going to be a gold mine here in a few weeks.  We are making tons of smores and french toast for the members here to try to get them to help us out more and find more people to teach!  We love to preach this Gospel and help the people out here in Agato.  That is also part of our Agato Approach....SERVICE.  If we are serving our fellow man, we are serving God. (Mosiah 2:17). That is so true.  Though we may not be seeing too much success right now, we can still make a difference serving those around us.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  My birthday happens to fall on the biggest native holiday of the winter here...San Juan.  We will party it up haha!  Hope you all have a great week, and DONT FORGET TO READ THAT BLUE BOOK OF AWESOMENESS!

 How they haunt the forests here....baby heads

Chillin with our bud Jaime in corn pile

Homemade corndogs with Wauki Amaguaña

Photo shoot at Lago San Pablo

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