Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gotta Want It to Win It

Well, this is where I come to write.  (Really Elder, we didnt think you much of a writer).  I write about a lot of things, investigators, squirrels, cardboard boxes, things that are sticky....

Just a good little flashback to Good Burger....good times.  Well, this week dont have a whole lot to write about.  My companion was sick, so we had to be in a pretty close proximity of the porcelain throne or a densly think field of corn.  Nonetheless, he was still his funny self.  Infact, I think he is way funnier when he is sick and suffering....I know....Im heartless but its hilarious.  Elder Barnes painful humor highlight of the week was when we were walking by a ton of cows.  We saw a mother cow just kinda licking and caring for her calf.  Then Elder Barnes replies: "Aww, cute little thing, you gonna be meat someday."  Had to be there to get the full effect, but I was lauging pretty hard for a solid 15 minutes.

However, I had a pretty big reality check this week.  We had a Mini Zone Conference and the ZLs gave a training that President gave them.  It was all about our attitude in the mission.  They shared a powerful lesson on how if we want to have baptisms and rescues in the mission, we have to want it.  And then when we know what we want, we have to go and give EVERYTHING we have to achieve it.  It made me realize that I was just kind of going through the motions and wasnt giving everything I had.  Sure I put in the physical work, but not all my heart was there.  This lesson changed that for me and made me realize that I need to MAKE the miracles happen that God has in store for me.  He wont just give it to me.  

We sadly dont have any investigators progressing this week.  We thought Juan Carlos was gonna come to church, but we went by his house befor Church and he wasnt there.  We havent been able to find him and we arent sure what happened.  He has some struggles with his girlfriend that ends the relationship and starts it one time every month.  He needs help deciding what is best for him, and not go off of what his family says.  Please pray for him so that he can recieve an answer to his prayers and know that this is the true Church.  He is so ready, he just doesnt know it yet.

One last quick experience.  We were sitting in Church and we didnt have a whole lot of less actives, investigators, nor recent converts there.  We have a recent convert of about a month, Freddy, that hasnt come for two weeks.  I had a prompting that we needed to leave sacrament meeting and climb up the mountain a bit to bring him to church.  We found him there washing clothes, and we chatted and he said that if he could find a dry pair of pants, he would go.  We sat outside for a few mintues and he came out with dry pants and we went to church.  Afterward the bishop thanked us becuase he said that he had been thinking to interview him to recieve the priesthood that day.  Felt really good to be a part in helping someone be able to progress and hopefully recieve the priesthood next week.

I know that this is the true Church of God.  Everyday, I find many evidences of that truthfulness.  There is just absolutely NO way that it cant be true.  I know that the Lord gives us Spiritual promptings for a reason, and we should always follow them no matter how weird it seems.  It may just change someones life for the better.  May we all strive to be like Thomas S. Monson, and NEVER NEVER postpone a prompting from the Lord.  Strive to live worthy to recieve them, and FOLLOW them!!

I hope all have a great week.  Remember that the best way to avoid temptation is to read the Book of Mormon and pray.  Love you all!

Elder Lomeli

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El Corazón de Imabura (Hear of Imbabura)

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